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released April 30, 2018

All words and music by Quinn Henry Mulligan
Drums by Charley McGowan
Produced by Quinn and Finley Mulligan




Quinn Henry Mulligan Portland, Oregon

QUINN HENRY MULLIGAN is a Portland-area solo artist with deep roots in contemporary folk, classic rock and roll and indie pop.  

Quinn is currently embarking on an ambitious mission he’s calling "GET THEM OFF MY CHEST.”  He will 12 albums in 12 months; the first of these albums, JANUARY is set to release January 1st and will kick off a year of discovery, passion, and inspiration.
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Track Name: One Time Only
Come to my home, see my room, sit with me
Don’t let this go if you know what you need
Take me before it’s too late, I won’t wait
Don’t give it away, please, just stay for one night

No one’s controlling you
Do what you want to do

Lay in my bed, rest your head on my chest
Steal what we can, just one night is all I ask
Kiss me before it’s too late, it’s too late
Come to my room, you’ll be gone very soon

No one’s controlling you
Do what you want to do

You’ll never see him again, let it end
Come lay with me honestly, we can be
Warm in my bedroom, come and see what will be
Then, no regrets, nothing left to expect

No one’s controlling you
Do what you want to do
Track Name: Long Time Coming
Dark brown eyes, long brown hair
Tangled in knots, but she doesn't care
She comes to see the place where I sleep
Come one and Kiss me before I grow weak
And here comes the sun rising too soon
Warns me of new days and tomorrow without you

I don't mean to sound
As if i know what's in your head
I don't, I'd just like to know
Where this goes before it ends

But i'm just fine, I do well on my own
Oh, but you're such a nice one to have in my home
I like how you see me, laughing so easy
I must say you're lovely and I'd like to kiss you

You've got this pleasant sort of way
You say your words
I'd like to see you once again
before it ends
Track Name: Later On
Moving mouths to make some spoken
Sentence calling out from your
Green eyes are deep and warm, like oceans
moving slowly

watching every move
watching every move

Do you know that this
Song is just for you?
Read between the lines
Pulled straight from my mind

Who am I to say what will
become of you and I?
Don’t have to tell you
That I want you, someday
I will have you, that I know
But only if you want me too

Don’t you know that this
Song is just for you?
Read between the lines
Pulled straight from my mind

Even if you don’t feel as I do
I sure don’t mind, this feeling is mine
No one can deny what I feel inside
My head is a wave, it moves to you
Rushing through some golden stream
Of what I dream will come to be
Of you and me

You and me
You and me
You and me
You and me

Don’t you know that this
Song is just for you?
Read between the lines
Pulled straight from my mind
Track Name: You'll Never Last
I’m worried that I’ve overstayed my welcome
They don’t want me around anymore
I feel the way they look at me
As though I’m just a burden they don’t need
And it’s true, but I’ll be gone soon
I’ll be gone soon, I swear I’ll be gone soon

I’m frightened that I can’t be all the things
I promised her that I would be
I see the way she worries that I can’t
Make all the money that we need
And it’s true, but I’ll be working
I’ll be working, I swear I’ll have work soon

Just one thing at a time
If you take more, you’ll never get out of this state of mind
I swear, you always go too fast
You’ll never last if you burn too hot
You’ll die with what you’ve got

Once my lover called my name
Nothing ever felt the same
She held me as a man to be
Married to the love he sees
Bury deep the fear that boils up when you’re alone
You’ve got another now to share the weight
So let her take it all away

I know that I’m not special
I know that I’m not great
I’m only passing through this place
Before I slip away
I only hope that some feels
They should remember me
And that my life meant something
To someone else but me

Just one thing at a time
If you take more, you’ll never get out of this state of mind
I swear, you always go too fast
You’ll never last if you burn too hot
You’ll die with what you’ve got
Track Name: My Own Legs
On my own legs, I will go there
I will be with you again
In my own way, I will find you
And my legs will take me there

Though I'm nothing now
I'll soon be where i need to be
I'll find another way
To see that I don't fall asleep

Cold and slow now, snow will come down
So I drink and think of you
And my lungs hurt, and my eyes burn
And my hands feel slow and strange

Though you don't know how
I think about you every night
You must be different now
And you don't care for me at all

Once I saw you In a cold street
You were walking with a man
I felt so small and my throat burned
And I turned and looked away

Some days pass me by
Where I don't think of you at all
But some nights never die
And I just hope that you will call
Track Name: They All Look The Same
So I’ll come now, tell me I’m not
Going downtown, I don’t like it
Come on, go back down to the river
Come on, show me how you’d like to treat her

She knows where you live
She walks on your block
She knows where you live

What comes now that I am thirsty?
East-side bars are always bursting
Drink down three more, order three if you’re ready
You won’t get back up to the bar if it’s busy

She knows you by name
You’ve been there enough
They all look the same

Tell me, what comes now she’s leaving?
Dried up, waiting, left here bleeding
Play me, please me, use me up in a hurry
Take me, break my heart if you think that I’m ready

I know you by name
I’ve been here enough
You all look the same

I don’t want to go out searching
I’ve been too long without speaking
I know I’ll be lost in a month with this feeling
Leave me wanting more of this scent that I’m breathing

They know me by name
I’ve been here before
Oh, they all look the same
Track Name: Don't Waste A Good Thing
I'm only twenty four and I’ve seen too many die
It kills me every time, no matter how I try
To keep myself prepared, they always pass away
But that's the price I pay for loving hard
And keeping close the ones I love the most
That make each day a dream, so why waste any time
On halfway finished thoughts or love that doesn't start?
I'm tired being poor, when it comes to love
Money doesn't change loneliness or rage
It only makes them burn

So, come on and love me
Kill all my bad dreams
Come on and love me
Kill all my bad dreams

I'm always making jokes and laughing far too much
and though you're laughing too
I wish that I could say what's really on my brain
But i keep my thoughts inside so laughter doesn't die
I keep the mood afloat as if you wouldn't like
What i have to say, the serious and plain
Thoughts about my days and life that i have seen
and what my theories mean on how I ought to live
But i don't say a word, I keep it all inside
these thoughts that cannot die
They burst and thirst for life and so I have to sigh

So, come on and tell me
You'd like to know me
Don't waste a good thing
Dream here beside me

Come on and love me
Kill all my bad dreams
Come on and love me
Kill all my bad dreams
Track Name: When I Was Younger
Burn, burning my eyes
Wasting the days that were never mine
They begin to swallow me whole
Turn me to ash, take me back home

And you, you were so young
Now you’re ashamed of the things you’ve done
And your eyes were brighter than mine
Though you’ll become what I am now

So dream, dream while you can
Don’t let the pressure get you down again
Get away while you’re still free
Don’t follow me, don’t waste your time

Or soon you’ll be a ghost
Locked to a past that’s forever lost
So make all that you can
Of what you have now, don’t be afraid

I’ve done alright, I guess
But still, there’s more that I could be
I’ve lost myself in piles of debt
And bills will soon catch up with me
Banks and checks don’t mean a thing
When I’ve got you right here with me

Go back, go back to when I was younger
When i had so much to offer
Laughing and never afraid of
What I was doing was too late
Too late, too really be making anyone happier
Laughter doesn’t come easier sober
Too late
It’s too late
Too late
It’s too late
Track Name: The Island
Walking through mud rising up to my knees
I was pleased with this texture I found
Cooling bare feet that were tired of treading
This hot, cracked sand on the ground
Shedding our clothes, show our bodies that glow
As they burn in the hot summer sun
But cool river waters were pleasing their daughters
Who stripped and slipped out of their gowns

And I'm smoking with a friend of mine
Who invited me to sleep beside the shore line
And the island stared us down,
As we swam byond the beach that we had found

Alex, I don't think we'll make much further
The sun has begun to go down
I don't see those bodies preparing for swimming
And all of these bags weigh us down
At least we've been drinking and speaking of nothing
I'm pleased with this spot on the ground
but soon we were moving and almost pulled swiftly
Away from the island we found

But we land and collapse again
And the sky is turning pink as we had found them
So we move along the edge
Until we find a happy group of friends

Strong silhouettes shining we in the darkness
All dancing and filling with wine
Shouting and singing all crazy and dreaming
Of primitive echoes in time
There I was sitting her hand touched me lightly
My fingers pressed hard on the strings
Laying back down as we move through the cloud
Of a comet that passed years ago

And you were gone in the moonlight
You were whipped and bled but said that you were alright
And the sand was underfoot
as I touched the soundless body I had found

And the stars they fell as streaks of light
And I couldn't tell if they were blue or white
And I'm covered head to toe in bites
But glad we came to watch the lights

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